SPOT Studios

Herengracht 498 

Maximum 18 people

The venue

  • €597,- for half a day (4 hours) 

  • €897,- for a day (8 hours) 

  • €1.097,- for an extra long day (12 hours)

  • Extra hour: €75,-

  • Price for an evening: €447,- (from 18.30 till 22.30)

    All prices mentioned above are excluding 21% VAT

SPOT Studios is located in a beautiful monumental canal house at the Herengracht. The hall is made of marble. At the end of the hall you can find SPOT Serre, which you can rent as a break-out room for SPOT Studios.

The ceiling of Studios is almost 5 meters high and it's covered with beautiful sculptures. Because of the en-suite door in the middle, you're able to create 2 separate rooms. Both rooms have a huge fireplace with golden mirrors. 

Overlooking the Herengracht is the room with a beautiful seating area and round table for 4 people. Behind a concealed door is a small kitchen. Overlooking the garden is the room with large tables and comfortable chairs. The entire venue is filled with lots of greenery and plants (80m2)

6 reasons to rent Studios

  1. The beautiful ceiling is almost 5 meters high

  2. There are two fireplaces with big golden mirrors

  3. You can make use of the garden

  4. Studios is overlooking the Herengracht

  5. There's a beautiful en-suite door to close and make two rooms

  6. You can rent SPOT Serre as a break-out room for SPOT Studios

The front room

  • A round table suitable for 4 people

  • A big seating area

  • View on the Herengracht

  • A lot of plants

  • A kitchen

  • Big fireplace with golden mirrors

  • En-suite door to the back room

Meeting area

  • Big table for a maximum amount of 18 people

  • Nespresso machine

  • View to the garden

  • Smeg fridge 

  • A lot of plants  

  • Cupboard with plates, glasses, cups and cutlery 

  • Projector, whiteboard, flip-overs, pens, sharpies, post-its, tape, paper


SPOT Serre is available all day, even in the evenings. We love to take care of your breakfast, lunch and/or diner (of choice).

The most frequently chosen option is €35,- per person (ex VAT). We take care of an extensive lunch, unlimited coffee, tea, soda and fresh fruit juice.

Check out more catering options by clicking un the button below, to see our wide range of snacks.


Our team of enthusiastic hosts wil make sure everything will run smoothly. 

At the beginning of each booking, the host will be at the venue to welcome you. She'll help you with everything you need. She shows you how the beamer works, serves the first cup of coffee and she shows you around the venue. When you book with a large group, the host will return during lunchtime. At the end of the day the host wil clean the venue, so it's ready and fresh for a new day.

Is that not enough? Then we can advice you to book one of our hosts during the day. She can help you with welcoming guests, serving food and drinks, and she knows everything about the venues. 

€25,- per hour, ex. VAT


  • Beamer & projection screens

  • Connections for every laptop

  • Bluetooth speaker and aux wire 

  • Flip-overs & paper

  • Whiteboards

  • Post-its, paper, sharpies, pens and markers

  • Tape 

  • Fast Wifi

  • Laser pointer, to use with the beamer

Events, film and photo shoots

SPOT Studios is often used as an event space, or for photo and film shoots. Because of the high ceilings and the big windows, the lighting in this room is beautiful. The gorgeous fireplace and golden mirrors give this venue a high end touch.

It's also OK if you want to bring your own caterer, but there's not a big kitchen to use here. We recommend to rent Serre for your caterer, so they have enough space to make a lovely meal.

You can also book one of our hosts to help you out with everything. She can help you with welcoming guests, serving drinks and food and she knows everything about the venues. She knows where everything is and how it works.

During events or big productions you ar obligated to include a host in your booking.

€25,- per hour, ex. VAT

'Great care, loads of lunch options and the team was super excited. So I recommended everyone at our office to book SPOT. for a next time."

"We absolutely love your venues, they are always our top choice for us when we organise an offsite. They look gorgeous, and the lunch is so good. We got asked by our teams all the time to please, please book SPOT again. Great job"

"We're so glad with the light and spacious meeting rooms. SPOT is within walking distance for us and provides everything our teams need. It's a joy to book and communicate with the team."



Herengracht 498, 1017 CB Amsterdam 

You can park at the canals or in the parking garages, for example APCOA Prins & Keizer or Parkeergarage Kalvertoren (max. 5 minute walk away)

Public transportation:
Tram 24 from and to Centraal Station stops  in front of SPOT Studios. Stop: Muntplein

Are you ready to book SPOT Studios?

Do you want to book? Great!

You can mails us: But you can also click the link below. We usually respond within an hour and most of the time even faster!


Are the prices including or excluding VAT?

All prices are excluding VAT. You pay 21% VAT over the rental price and 9% on catering.

Where can I park at SPOT Studios?

Most of the time you can park at the canals, in front of SPOT Studios. But if you come with more then one car, we would recommend to park at one of the parking garages: - Parkeergarage Keizersgracht - Parkeergarage Kalverstraat - Parking de Hoofdstad - APCOA parking Prins & Keizer

How many rooms does SPOT Studios consist of?

SPOT Studios is located in a office building at the Herengracht in the centre of Amsterdam. The location consinst of two spaces with a en-suite door. Overviewing the canal, you can find a great seathing area and big tables to work at. SPOT Serre is at the end of the hallway, you can rent SPOT Serre as a break-out room. And you can always make use of the small garden in the back.

How do I reach SPOT Studios by public transportation?

Tram 24 from Amsterdam Centraal to Muntplein. It goes approximately every 2 minutes. From Muntplein its a one minute walk to SPOT Studios.

Will there be a host?

Yes, the host will be there to welcom eyou. She'll explain the location to you an she will give you your first cups of coffee. She will leave when everything is clear. Then the location is all yours. At the end of the day, the host wil come and clean the place. If you come with a big group, the host will come and help with the lunch. Would you like to have a host for a whole day, lets say for an event, thats possible! The costs for a host are 25 euros per hour excluding VAT.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can, costs free, cancel a booking till 21 days in advance. After that there will be costs involved.

SPOT Office 

Herengracht 498

1017 CB Amsterdam

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