Facts about SPOT

  1. SPOT was founded in May 2017, starting with one venue. Now we have multiple venues on the Herengracht in Amsterdam.

  2. The founder of SPOT is Charlotte van 't Wout. The first year she was running SPOT on her own. Now she has a great team around her.

  3. Clients of SPOT are, among others, big tech companies and banks like ING, Booking.com, DNB and ABN Amro. Read what they think of SPOT here. 

  4. SPOT is also very populair to rent as an event, film or photoshoot location.

  5. Everything that you see in SPOT you can buy as well in our online shop: Shop SPOT.

Three questions asked to Charlotte van 't Wout (32), owner of SPOT.

Why did you start SPOT?

"I travelled for about a year and a half and worked abroad. Coming back to the Netherlands I wanted to create a nice home base. Traveling is amazing, but while traveling you're only taking: someone's hospitality, love and beauty. I wanted a large house to be able to invite other people myself. That's how I got the idea to start SPOT: a luxurious homely venue for meetings and off-sites. Meanwhile SPOT has grown, we now have multiple locations. "

Why in a canal house?

"For one and a half year I lived in San Francisco, where a lot of tech companies rent venues like this for their teams. A house sends out such a different vibe than a conference room. During my time in Bali and Bangkok I also discovered that most of the successful co-working spaces had a homely feel."

What do you do beside SPOT?

"I started my other company, C.Academy, in June 2018. I came with the idea to create Instagram courses. A course you can completely follow on Instagram, all the information, tips and tricks are shown in the stories. I also give talks on events and seminars about vlogging, entrepreneurship and productivity. 

I've worked as a journalist at NRC for 7 years and wrote columns about entrepreneurship in AD."

The story behind SPOT

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